Tourism contractors
The National Conference on River Tourism is dedicated to European public bodies and private companies involved in river tourism activities and promotion

Only event dedicated to the development of inland waterway tourism and to the economic activities including waterways, The National Conference on River Tourism is aimed at all parties who wish to expand their network of clients, suppliers and touristic partners on the basis of specific and clearly identified projects.
Centres of interest
> Architect
> Bank
> Boat rental with or without a licence
> Construction companies
> Consultancy
> Cruise boat
> Engine manufacturers for river boats and small boats
> Fittings
> Fleet management
> Geolocation
> Hotel
> Hotel barge
> Identification by radio frequency
> Inland port operator
> Inland waterway operators
> Insurance company
> IT service provider
> Landscape
> Local development
> Manufacturer
> Maritime and river works
> Naval architect
> Parts manufacturers
> Passenger river transport
> Pleasure boats manufacturers
> Port equipment
> Press
> Public bodies
> Publishing
> Radiopaging, Telecommunications
> Restaurants
> River boat
> River Cruise Company
> River Cruise Liner
> River network operator
> Sea port
> Servicing
> Shipyard
> Street furniture
> Tourism development agency
> Tourist information
> Touristic real estate
> Town planner
> Water sport federations
> Water-based leisure centre